Sara Harowitz, Psy. D

Marriage Counseling in Media, PA

Are any of these familiar to you?

You never listen to meCouples counseling will help you feel heard in your relationship.

You’re angry all the time...Couples counseling will help your relationship move beneath the anger.

I can’t trust you againCouples counseling will help restore trust in your marriage.

Do you want to…

Communicate with more ease and connection?
Regain intimacy?
Resolve old disappointments and hurts?
Learn to work effectively with anger and frustration?

Did you know that fighting in your relationship can physically make you sick?

Psychologists and other behavioral health providers have observed the link between the quality of your relationships and your mental health and physical well-being. According to the website Mic, “ongoing stress in your relationship can put you at risk for higher blood pressure and increased cortisol level leading to a higher risk of strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. While you’re in the middle of arguing over who takes out the trash more, a part of your brain called the amygdala activates your sympathetic nervous system. This is the same part of the brain that lights up when a bear chases you, and you’re fighting for your life, causing your body to hit the panic button and send you into “fight or flight” mode.

Starting in the amygdala, the fight-or-flight mechanism causes a chain reaction that leads the adrenal glands to release a dose of cortisol, the chemical culprit behind stress. In fact, one study found that the more criticism you direct at your partner, the higher the levels of cortisol they have.” (Mic website) Clearly, our physical and mental health lives are also affected by the quality of our relationships or marriage.

Your Marriage/Relationship is in Skilled Hands With Me

It might be challenging to know how to select a Delaware County, Pennsylvania couples counselor or other Media, PA therapists when having difficulty in your relationship. When considering a Pennsylvania counselor, should you see a marriage and family therapist, a family therapist, a licensed social worker, or a licensed psychologist?

When considering couples counseling in Media, PA, the only question to ask is how experienced and skilled is your therapist?

I have successfully treated couples clients in my Media PA practice for over thirty years. Finding the right marriage therapist/couple for couples counseling can feel overwhelming since you’re trusting and opening up about your concerns in your marriage life with a third party. I get how daunting that could be.

I'll Help You Improve Your Relationship & Communication Skills

Most couples counselors and other providers in practice aim to improve their clients’ communication skills, deepen intimacy and reduce tension in their daily life. Couples counseling with me differs from other therapists as I do not just help clients reduce tension and improve communication in their marriage. Instead, I utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy, a relationship therapy model founded by Susan Johnson, Ph.D. in the mid-’80s. This type of couples counseling is significantly influenced by attachment theory, and EFT is one of the most empirically based and researched couples counseling platforms. The focus is on strengthening the bond and the emotional connection between the partners.

Couples Counseling in Media, PA and the Surrounding Delaware County Region

I am warm, down-to-earth, and highly engaging, and I will not passively sit back and offer an occasional suggestion. Most couples leave their initial counseling session with me with renewed hope about their relationship. The first step in couples therapy is to ensure a safe and nonjudgmental place where you will feel free to share your concerns about your relationship.

Couples struggling are seeking to feel secure, loved, validated, and desired by the partner they chose to spend their life with. In our marriage, we yearn to trust that our feelings will be safe with our partner. Our sense of security is threatened when we fight with or feel disconnected from our partners. We resort to the same defensive strategies during a conflict with our partner as we had in the past when vulnerable feelings were not safe in our families of origin. Although we are not aware, we use lifelong protective behaviors to minimize any hurt from another person in our lives. Examples of these enactments include “always feeling attacked, blaming the other, or retreating” to protect ourselves from getting hurt as we did in our past. Communication breaks down, and you feel more distant and estranged from your partner.

The initial treatment stage of EFT marriage counseling is the assessment and de-escalation phase which helps the couple identify the patterns of interactions that thwart true intimacy and de-escalate the conflict. In couples counseling, I will teach you how to step back, understand, and move beyond the destructive dynamics that silently erode1 your relationship and allow you to see each other through empathetic and loving eyes.