Sara Harowitz, Psy. D

I am passionate about helping my clients, active during my sessions while offering feedback and guidance. You will feel heard and understood in a safe and non-judgmental space.

Individual Therapy

I will help my clients overcome a lifetime of frustration, judgment, depression, anxiety, fear, and pain.​​ Identifying the root cause of your stress is paramount in successful therapy sessions.

Marriage Counseling

I help couples renew their love and understanding for each other. Let’s discuss what you are feeling, why your having difficulty, and what caused the problem to begin with.

Anger Management

Having difficulty controlling your anger? Early childhood trauma can lead to  adult anger. Trauma affects how we learn to control our emotions. It shifts our attention, thoughts, and actions into survival mode.

OCD Therapy

I understand how debilitating OCD can be. Therapy will give you the space to express your concerns, recognize triggers, and identify associated symptoms.