Sara Harowitz, Psy. D


First and foremost I will say Sara is always there for you, her unique way of helping you find your way through your challenges without judgement proved to me she is elite in her profession. I felt comfortable from the beginning, a kind, caring and professional person.

Michael Hurley

Sara created a comfortable, open and non-judgmental environment which allowed me to freely discuss my feelings and emotions. Her excellent listening skills and insightful questions allowed us to probe the sources of my feelings and identify avenues for me to take to address them. Her unique gift of easily connecting with and understanding you will make you feel that you have someone in your corner. She will help you see your true reflection through a mirror which is not skewed by your personal image of yourself. This has helped me define the path to making changes in my life which have brought me increased happiness and fulfillment. Sara also provided me with numerous resources to consult that were targeted to the areas I wanted to work on, based on what she learned from our sessions. These were extremely useful tools to help me move forward outside of the formal sessions. In simple words, “she gets it” and I can highly recommend her if you are seeking a talented therapist with outstanding people skills.

Brad Mueller

Dr. Harowitz approaches her work with a keen sense of empathy and understanding that gently encourages you to peel back layers of issues, experiences/interactions, thoughts/beliefs, that you’ve carried with you as far reaching as childhood. Through her gentle guidance, you discover how to piece together the story of who you are today, how you got there, and the possibilities of who you could be tomorrow. I leave our consultations feeling the work we’ve done together stays with me far beyond the sessions. I find myself being more contemplative and reflective about things we’ve discussed, and am able to apply what I learn in therapy. It’s cathartic, as it compels me to go deeper within myself for true self-discovery. Through my therapy with Dr. Harowitz, I feel like I’ve been able to pull it all together and bring myself full-circle, resolving issues in both my personal and professional life. Our work has been genuinely transformative; it’s given me the tools to look at my life through a different lens, knowing how to set the focus and when to zoom-in or zoom-out.

Rita Davis

I am a procrastinator but I would be totally remiss not to make a whole hearted recommendation for Dr. Sara Harowitz and the caring work that she does. Sara was referred to me by a friend as I was suffering from depression that I had also experienced previously. Having been in therapy before I had a vision of the process. However my experience with Sara was profoundly different. Through a gentle empathic way Sara helped me feel emotions I had suppressed for decades. I am now following through on those emotions and resolving experiences that have affected me through decades of my life. I felt Sara “heard” me and many times understood even more than I verbally expressed. It truly would be wrong thinking to suggest all therapists are the same as my work with Sara has been life changing and life saving!

Judith Shaw

Sara is a phenomenal therapist. My husband and I worked through very trying times in our marriage and she was there to guide us. She listens, offers perspective and never judges. Her approach created a safe environment where we could both look at our roles in conflict and work through each side without anyone being judged for their feelings. Sara is genuinely invested in our success and pushed us to reach a stronger, deeper connection then we have ever had. After 4 years of working with Sara we are more committed, more in love and more respectful of each other as individuals then ever before. We would recommend Sara to any couple looking for more out of their relationship.

Elu Family

I don’t usually post reviews but feel the need after my husband and I had marital counseling with Sara. Sara literally saved our marriage. We were on the brink of divorce. Working with Sara allowed us to feel a deeper connection than we ever had throughout our fifteen year marriage. She helped us understand and hear each other’s perspectives and feelings. We are closer than we ever have imagined. Now, when we have conflicts, we understand how to work through them without fighting or arguing.

Thank you, Sara

Linda Stark